______ Welcome to The Geek Show !

We discuss Comics, Manga, Video Games, Films, Cinema, Web, Technologies and Pop Geek Culture in General ! We meet Stars and artists and we ask them; are they Geek ? or Not. Some times we take our time to talk about one subject during an hour we put it Under The Scope to see more details. We travel to live events all around the world and we share them everyone ! We specially like memes but that’s an other Story. In the end of the day : WE TALK GEEK.

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The Geek Show Podcast Saison 2 Episodes

               E01: Under The Rain of Covid19
               E02: La culture en Algérie Fait-elle son retour
               E03: Retro gaming, and why it’s important in modern gaming
               E04: Assassin’s Creed Week !
               E05: Hollywood Adaptations of Anime and Videogames
               E06: Our Favorite Anime of All Time
               E07: Playstation 5 The Reveal
               E08: Social Média and Streaming Platformes
               E09: Events and cosplay in Algeria
               E10: Digitale Anime During Quarantine
               E11: Retro Game Part II
               E12: Behind the scenes of The Gaming Industry
               E13: Online Games VS Story Games