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Rebirth in Turkey

Rebirth in Turkey

It was a buried wish, a tiny thought, and a silly joke. It became a word that repeats in mind, and then it became an intention. It was mixed with fear and hope, hesitation and courage, the fear of getting far away from family and motherland. It was a terrible challenge. There was fear of risking a new adventure, far away from the usual protection of parents, and a fear from the unknown.

That was a big obstacle for someone who never tasted the absence of parents, for someone who naturally lived by two kinds of Oxygen; O2 and parents Oxygen. It grew up to be a goal; it was pushed, strengthened and motivated by the spirit of someone.

Overtime, it started to be clear, when a day passes, it becomes stronger. The fear started to vanish, the hesitation started to get away, the guts were stronger, and the hope was closer. The bond with God was powerful, his directions and his mercy were the reasons to determine. A prayer at night was crucial, and the buried wish became alive. The plan has been changed, and all the directions were resettled over again, only one step is left to move on, and it was done. She eventually was reborn, but this time in Turkey.

The concept of this short story won’t differ too much from the ones that we already know in Anime stories. It is not arrogance or praise, but an evolution that happened in one human self.

It’s neither a show off nor boasting, instead; it is a big transition from weakness and softness to resistance and solidity.

It is a real story of someone who took decision to commit something, of someone who believed in goals and dreams, and who really turned pain into strength. It is a simple tale that shows what we usually grasp from the tales of Naruto, Itachi, Gaara, Luffy, Osep, Inuyasha, and many others.

The transformation from one character to a totally different one is almost the same, the switch from past to present, from weakness to resilience, from sorrow to joy. The determination, the sacrifice, and the strong will to do something. It’s a true reanimation technique; it’s the real “Edo Tensei”. Here is just the beginning; it will be continued as long as the dream continues.

Previously, the dream was burning, the desire was sleeping, the wishes were vanishing, the extent of hope was getting fewer, the black gate of depression was reopening slowly, the worries of parents were growing up, the horrible sense of failure was getting nearer, sadness and sorrow intensified their call, a considerable amount of fear tied the desire, and surrender became easy to occur. Though; there was a faint voice, a very deep one, it was trying to get out and be heard, a profound gut was purely created by God’s power, and the father’s whisper was boosting to get it out.
The miracle happened, under the tough circumstances, the deep down guts are awakened. They were awakened because the faith never died; God’s belief was the strongest. It was stronger than fear, surrender, and depression. Furthermore, the push of father was the most powerful bond which tied up the scattered pieces of her; the father’s patience, love, push, hope, tenderness, and humanity were, all the time, the therapy of all the injuries of her, that’s why she was reborn once more.
The reason why she woke up toward the sunrise, she stared at the sky, she believed in nature, goodness, and galaxies. She decided to forget what happened in the tough past, she strongly stepped the first step forward and she believed that success comes after many battles and that was her battle, so she has to win. She began to walk behind her dream and she promised not to give it up. She carried the goals of her father, her only hero and her ideal. She forgot the way to return back, she started to sing optimistic songs. She cried as well, but this time she cried from amazement and she felt ashamed toward God. The sun was rising up around her; she raised her head toward the sky.

Yet again, she was amazed by God’s mercy and power, she was echoing “Thank GOD” in every time, and she believed that she can achieve her goals; she promised to walk on the path of hope whatever the circumstances will be. She definitely said her goodbyes to the surrender, she left her pain behind, and she stood up. In a blink of an eye, she found herself around the flowers, all kinds of flowers which spread out the beautiful smells of happiness, love, and humanity.

Apart from that, gladness and cheerfulness started to dance around her, and so far she was speechless.
She found herself surrounded by kind humans in a beautiful place. A challenging life but it was a worthy one. She got a hard feeling of nostalgia to her family and homeland, but she spontaneously had the ability to consider the new people as her second family. A Turkish grandmother was the first to gift her real meaning of safety and security; she truly gave her all the affection and kindness. She sensed a true humanity over them, love, friendship, trust, acceptance, laughter, and other good values.

As a consequence, her goal was revived. She erased the tough past with love and humanity, she was purely satisfied about everything in herself, she got immensely thankful and grateful for God and she never forgot her father’s great sacrifices, she forever carried his character, his love, his vision, his desire to commit change in humanity, his goals, his principles, his intentions, his ambitions, and she pledged to commit his and her common aims. She was protected by God in everywhere she steps, and she was entirely covered by her Mom’s prayer, her mom was sending her the tenderness through the skies and the stars. Her best friend was her strong arm; she never left her hurt or injured. Since then, she felt relief and by consequence she started to feel again the true humanity. And, that, innately, is why she was revived again.


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